Compliance Auditing

Are the goals of your records management program being met?

The courts have made it clear that auditing for compliance is a key aspect of a defensible records program. Technology based components and manual processes must be audited to assure that the goals of the records program are being met and that the processes and results have integrity. The findings of these audits must be clearly communicated and strategies for dealing with any shortcomings defined and then monitored to close any gaps.


Chanico will review your existing internal audit approach and recommend compliance audit protocols specific to records management that minimize additional burden on the internal audit staff. Since few organizations have a functional e-records management audit program, we work with the IT and Records Management functions to create program output and analytical tools that check for timely review and disposition of structured and unstructured content, including email, web content and ERP data.  Finally, we build review and remediation strategies designed to raise awareness and fix any issues that have been identified.


A compliance audit strategy minimizing your risks by assuring timely identification and remediation of issues.